Creative Quiet Time is a place to discover playful and creative ways to know and love our God more.

Here you will find fun experiments, journaling prompts, artistic inspirations and meal ideas-– all of which are meant to help us taste and see God’s grace and truth everyday.

The ideas I’ll be sharing here are not meant to replace a disciplined, systematic Bible study, but rather, complement it. While these ideas may be lighthearted, we will continue to revere the sanctity of God’s word and hold Him in the highest esteem. 

My ultimate hope is for these ideas to help us abide in Christ, and He in us, that we may bear much fruit, glorify Him and bless others. 

Join me as we rediscover the Bible with our innate, childlike curiosity, our five senses and our imagination, and make His word come alive!

How This Started 

(And Why You Could Relate)

Have you ever:

  • started a Bible study or reading plan but only stayed with it for a few weeks, or even days?
  • set a schedule for daily quiet time, but would either be too tired, busy, distracted or simply burdened by more pressing matters?
  • been discouraged from failing to keep your “quiet-time streak” and would therefore go on for days, weeks or months without trying again?

If you said “yes” to all of the above, then you and I have a lot in common.

I recently became a new mom and while our baby has been such a precious blessing to us, all mothers know just how exhausting the first few years of a child’s life could be. I wanted to stay connected to God during this busy and not-so-quiet season, but I found myself too drained and distracted for my scheduled quiet time. After much prayer, I realized that I had made my quiet time just another item on my To-Do list, limiting God to only a specific time of my day. This could not be.

As Christians, our life should be a picture of John 15:5, where the Lord Jesus says that He is the vine and we are the branches. His life should course through ours, just as life flows from the vine to the branches, which in turn, naturally bear much fruit. But how could I abide in Him while I’m in the trenches of new-mom-hood? 

That was when I got the idea to create Creative Quiet Time cards for myself. As a creative person, I loved creating things (from paper in particular), and I am deeply touched by words, music, nature and a good meal. I loved the element of surprise from picking out a card with a fun experience or a journaling prompt for my special time with the Lord. I found that variety in experiences enlivened my connection with Him. Sure enough, this made me want to read my Bible more, because I got to know Him not only through my mind, but also through the different senses He gave me.

All these years, I thought I just wasn’t disciplined enough (and that’s true as well), until I realized what was missing: connecting with God through the personality and preferences He has given me! Ever since this “aha!” moment, my faith has become more tangible, as I was reminded of His word through different prompts in my daily life and through the good things He has created. It has made His word come alive.

If you are a creative person yourself (or know someone who is), perhaps this blog can help you. Be encouraged by the promise that He will draw near to you as you draw near to Him, in your own unique and creative way.

Hi, I'm Kaycee!

I live in Seattle (originally from the Philippines!) with the love of my life, Tully and our baby boy, Will. I own Flow Flower Co., where you can find my floral paper artworks. I love creating things and I love that our God is the ultimate Creator. Thank you for stopping by!